Corsicana was established in 1848 to serve as the seat of government for Navarro County , which the first Texas Legislature had created two years earlier. The County was named after Jose Antonio Navarro , a Texas patriot. When asked what the new town should be called, Navarro replied, "Call it Corsicana after the island of Corsica, the birthplace of my father." Corsicana was a typical post-Civil War cottton town in the black lands of northeast central Texas. The City first adopted its Home Rule Charter in 1917 and last amended in May 2007.

In 1894 oil was discovered by accident only blocks from Corsicana's business district as drillers were completing an artesian well to expand the city's water supply. Within six years 500 oil wells operating within the city limits were producing 800,000 barrels of crude annually, making Corsicana the site of the first commercial oil field in Texas. Today the 26,000 + residents of Corsicana take great pride in their rich history.

Other historic information concerning the many "firsts" taking place in Corsicana include:

  • Corsicana is where oil was first discovered west of the Mississippi: thus Corsicana became the first Texas oil boom town, and one of Texas' wealthiest cities.
  • In 1897 the state's first oil refinery was built by a new local company called Magnolia Petroleum Company (known today as Mobil). Another local startup, The Texas Company (Texaco) began shortly thereafter.
  • Corsicana was one of the first cities in Texas to use natural gas for lighting and fuel.
  • Lyman T. Davis first delivered his famous chili in downtown Corsicana in 1895. He started canning his chili in 1921 and named it "Wolf Brand" after his pet wolf. A picture of the wolf is still found on the label to this day. The company is now owned by the Quaker Oats Company.

Navarro Mills Lake

Quit Wishing, Go Boating, Go Camping, Go Fishing! Navarro Mills Lake offers some of the best crappie fishing in Texas and is Home of the 4.56 lb State Record White Crappie Bring the family and enjoy a day of fishing at the Marina'sTEXAS-SIZED Fishing Dock

Day Trips

Lake Navarro Mills is a secret fishing hole for a number of anglers who would rather I not mention its location. Unfortunately for them, I'm going to tell you anyway: It sits among the rolling hills and farms between Hillsboro and Corsicana.

By Texas standards Lake Navarro Mills is a moderate-sized impoundment at 5,070 acres, which makes it about three times the size of Lake Austin and a little bigger than Lake Granger east of Georgetown. It has five wonderful campgrounds that make it great for weekend retreats with the whole family.

What is remarkable about the fishing at this lake is the size of the creatures at the business end of a fishing line. Without the pressure of hordes of weekend anglers, the fish have time to grow to mature sizes. The lake record for hybrid striped bass is 17.5 pounds and 14.75 for striped bass. Compare that with the records at Lake Texoma, one of the best striper lakes in the nation, where the records are 11.34 pounds and 35.12 pounds, respectively.

The dam was built by the U.S. Corps of Engineers across Richland Creek in 1963, a tributary of the Trinity River, primarily for flood control and drinking water, but recreation and wildlife habitat have become major byproducts. The 38-mile shoreline is mostly covered with a thick forest canopy that has had almost 40 years to grow unmolested by human intervention.

The five parks on the lake have the two main qualities for campgrounds in Texas during the summer months: shade and swimming. If you're particular, all except one have drinking water and restrooms, although only three have indoor showers.

By far the most popular park on the lake is Liberty Hill Park. Accessible out of Dawson on FM 709, the park runs right up to the south end of the dam. This is also the location of the only public marina on the lake. Even with more than 100 campsites, most with water and electric hookups, this park fills to capacity on many holiday weekends. Most weekends, though, it is a peaceful garden with a fishing pier, swimming beach, and a playground.

On the other side of the dam, Oak Park has about half as many campsites as Liberty Hill Park, but about the same amount of land. This gives the campers more room to spread out and take advantage of the hiking trails and swimming beach. You didn't hear it from me, but the fishing pier below the campground is a great place to drown a few worms.

Near the remains of the town of Navarro Mills on FM 667, Oak Park also has a day-use area, with a large swimming area, restrooms, and showers, that is open April to September. Not much remains of the town that gave the lake its name. It was the site of the first corn mill in Navarro County in the early 1850s.

On the north side of the lake, Wolf Creek Park is the largest park on the lake and has 70 campsites, most with water and electricity. Accessible from FM 639 off FM 667, the park has a boat ramp, fishing pier, and showers, and is used mainly by fishermen.

Pecan Point Park offers a little more rustic experience than the other parks. Only five sites have water and electricity, while the other 30 campsites are primitive. Open April 1 to September 30, this is one of the most beautiful spots on the lake. Access to the park is down FM 1578 off of FM 744.

In between the two adjacent parks on the north shore is Brushie Prairie Park. The Corps doesn't charge admission to this primitive area with only a boat ramp and picnic tables. The entrance to this wilderness area is near the entrance to Wolf Creek Park.

Navarro Mills Lake has long been a well kept secret of North Central Texas. This beautiful lake is nestled among the rolling hills between Hillsboro and Corsicana and is surrounded by mature oak & pecan trees. Escape the crowded lakes and visit Navarro Mills Lake. We are sure it will become your family's favorite weekend getaway!

Boating Information

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers operates and maintains five concrete boat ramps at Navarro Mills Lake. Each boat ramp has an asphalt parking lot and access to a public restroom. Courtesy docks are provided at Liberty Hill Park , Oak Park and Wolf Park.

The boat ramps in Liberty Hill Park, Oak Park and Brushie Prairie are opened year round. The boat ramp in Wolf Creek Park
is open April through September.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers charges a $3 fee to launch a boat at Liberty Hill, Oak and Wolf Creek Parks. There is no charge to launch a boat at Brushie Prairie Day Use Area.

Camping Information

Navarro Mills Lake offers some of the best camping in north central Texas. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers operates and maintains the Parks and Reservation System

  • Liberty Hill Park
  • Oak Park
  • Wolf Creek Park
  • Pecan Point Park

Each Park has campsites, a controlled gate station (open from 6am to 10pm), public restrooms, showers and RV dump stations.

Campsites are equipped with water and electrical hookups, a picnic table and a fire ring. There are Screened Shelters in
Liberty Hill Park. Group Shelters for large group gatherings.

For More Information

Camp Reservations: Call 1-877-444-6777
or Visit
Local Information:Call (254) 578-1431

Campsite Fees and Rules: Call (254) 578-1431 or visit
the U.S. Army Corps Website
at www.http://www.swf-wc.usace

Fishing Information

Species of Fish:
Crappie (White & Black)
Catfish (Blue, Channel & Flathead)
Bass (Black Largemouth & White)
Fishing Hot Spots:

Navarro Mills Lake Marina
18500 FM 709 N, Dawson, Texas 76639 (254) 578-1131

Fishing Information

Quit Wishing, Go Fishing!

Species of Fish:
Crappie (White & Black)
Catfish (Blue, Channel & Flathead)
Bass (Black Largemouth & White)

For more fishing information, visit the
Texas Parks & Wildlife website:Texas Parks and Wildlife

Fence Rows
There are submerged fence rows lined with
trees in the western portion of the lake.

Tin Horn
A metal drainage culvert referred to as the
tin horn is located near Wolf Creek Park.
This is a good fishing area to catch crappie.

Marina's Fishing Dock
The Marina's Fishing Dock is covered and
lighted and has comfortable chairs. The
area is chock-full of submerged brush.

Crappie Point
The free fishing pier in Liberty Hill Park is
referred to as Crappie Point.

Sand Bar
There is a shallow sand bar between Oak
Park and Wolf Creek Park that hold and
attract sand bass.
Photos of Richland Creek Bridge taken
shortly after the dam was completed in 1963

Richland Creek Bridge
The old Richland Creek bridge is located off of
the main entrance boat ramp in Liberty Hill
Park. It is a concrete structure that measures
120 feet in length. At normal pool level, the
bridge is 17 feet deep.

Concrete Water Intake
The old concrete water intake abandoned by
the city of Dawson is located near the Marina
in Liberty Hill Park. Shad, bass and crappie
can be found here.

Old Richland Creek Bed
The old creek bed of Richland Creek is lined
with timber and attract catfish and post spawn

Standing Timber
There is timber throughout the south west
portion of the lake and across from the Marina
where the state record crappie was caught.

Submerged Tanks
Some of the farmland prior to the lake being
built had tanks on them. These deeper
pockets of cooler water is a good place to find
blue catfish.

Ash, White Rock and Richland Creek feed the
lake from the western side of the lake. Good
numbers of catfish and crappie are attracted to
the creeks after a rain.

The aerator is located in front of the flood
gates and is a good place to catch shad, bass
and catfish.

The rocks along the dam provides good
fishing year round. During the spawn, crappie
are close to the rocks in shallow water. In
warmer months, crappie are 12-15 feet deep.

Spillway Basin
The spillway basin is located below the dam
and is a good place to catch yellow catfish on
a rod and reel.

Old Boat House
The area that used to house the Ranger's
boat is located near the swimming area of the
Oak Park Day Use. There is no longer a boat
house but the area continues to be a hot spot
for crappie.

Fishing Dock

$5 per person and $3 children (12 and under)
Fishing Pass must be Worn and be Visible at All Times

2 Pole Limit Per Person
Stay off Boats, Do not Block Walkway
Do not Hang Fish over Boats, Do not Drop Bait in Boats
Children (9 and under) must Wear a Life Jacket
Children must be Accompanied by an Adult
No Foul Language, No Dogs, No Open Flames

6:00 am to 10:00 pm
Pay Honor Box on Fishing Dock when store is closed

Contact us: Navarro Mills Lake Marina Liberty Hill Park 18500 FM 709 N Dawson, Texas 76639 (254) 578-1131

Directions: From Corsicana, Texas
From IH-45, take the TX HWY 31 exit and travel 24 miles west. Turn right at the intersection with
FM 709 (at the yellow caution light in Dawson, Texas) and travel 4 miles to the Liberty Hill Park

From Hillsboro, Texas
From IH-35, take the Hwy 22/Hwy 171 exit and travel east on Hwy 22 for approximately 1 mile.
Go south on Hwy 171 towards Mexia, Texas. In Hubbard, Texas, turn left at the intersection
with TX HWY 31 and travel 6 miles. Turn left at the intersection with FM 709 (at the yellow
caution light in Dawson, Texas) and travel 4 miles to the Liberty Hill Park entrance.

From Waco, Texas
From IH-35, travel 30 miles east on TX HWY 31. Turn left at the intersection with FM 709
(at the yellow caution light in Dawson, Texas) and travel 4 miles to the Liberty Hill Park entrance

Richland Chambers Lake

Lake Characteristics

Location: On Richland and Chambers creeks, east-southeast of Corsicana on US 287
Surface area: 41,356 acres
Maximum depth: 75 feet
Impounded: 1987

Water Conditions

Conservation Pool Elevation: 314 ft. msl
Fluctuation: 3 feet
Normal Clarity: Cloudy to moderately clear

Reservoir Controlling Authority

Tarrant County Water Control
Rt. 1, Box 1660
Streetman, Texas 75859
(903) 389-3928

Aquatic Vegetation

Moderate to light vegetation in coves and creek arms; some beds of floating pondweed and water stargrass along the shoreline

Predominant Fish Species
  • White & hybrid striped bass
  • Blue & channel catfish
  • Largemouth bass
  • Crappie
  • Smallmouth buffalo
  • Carp

Fishing Regulations

Statewide regulations apply to all fishes except blue catfish , which are subject to a 30-to-45-inch slot limit. Blue catfish 30 inches and less or 45 inches and longer may be retained, with a limit of one per day that measures 45 inches or longer. Otherwise, the daily bag limit is 25 blue and channel catfish combined.

Angling Opportunities

Richland Chambers is an excellent choice for anglers seeking catfishes, crappie, white bass or hybrid stripers. Angling for largemouth bass can be very good where anglers can find vegetation and clear water; however, these areas are somewhat limited in size compared to the lake surface. Many anglers set jug lines for catfishes and go after schooling white bass and hybrids while waiting for jug line action. Richland Chambers produces abundant crappie (both black and white) and may be area's the most consistent fishery for these fishes.

Fishing Cover/Structure

Native pondweeds are abundant in Big Cedar Creek and along the south bank of the Chambers Creek arm. Hydrilla is scattered along the south bank of the Richland Creek arm from Midway Marina west to the railroad trestle and from 7L ramp south to Pin Oak Creek. The old Trinity River levee forms a crescent-shaped underwater structure between the confluence of the Richland and Chambers creek arms and the dam.

Tips & Tactics

Largemouth bass anglers should look for fish congregated around underwater structure where they can be caught with jigging spoons and deep-diving crankbaits. Crappie anglers will have success with jigs or minnows near bridge crossings and in the abundant timber in the upper Richland and Chambers creek arms. Catfishes are everywhere; cut bait, stink bait, chicken livers, and worms are all productive. White bass and hybrid stripers are active from the 287 bridge to the dam. Use a graph recorder to find schools of shad or follow the birds to find schooling activity. Heavy jigs or slabs work well when fish are deep.

Lake Halbert

Public Access Facilities

Lake Characteristics

Location: East of US Highway 287 and 3/4 mile southeast of Corsicana
Surface area: 603 acres
Maximum depth: 18 feet
Impounded: 1921

Water Conditions

Current Lake Level
Conservation Pool Elevation: 368 ft. msl
Fluctuation: 2-3 feet
Normal Clarity: Cloudy to muddy

Reservoir Controlling Authority

City of Corsicana
200 N. 12th
Corsicana, Texas 75110
(903) 654-4800

Aquatic Vegetation

Button bush, cattail, giant bulrush, giant reed, hydrolea, smartweed, spikerush. Shoreline emergent vegetation light to sparse.

Predominant Fish Species
  • Crappie
  • Catfish

Fishing Regulations

All species are currently managed under statewide regulations .

Angling Opportunities

Water at Lake Halbert is too turbid to support a good largemouth bass or sunfish fishery. However, white crappie and flathead catfish provide significant fisheries.

Fishing Cover/Structure

Cover is scarce. Turbid water prevents the growth of submerged vegetation, although some emergent vegetation is present, and very little timber was left when the reservoir was impounded. Riprap along the railroad trestle and pier timbers along the dam provide the best structure.

Tips & Tactics

Live bait along the railroad trestle is productive for flathead catfish and crappie . Pier timbers along the dam also provide crappie action.

Corsicana Parks and Recreation

200 North 12th St
Corsicana, Texas 75110

Telephone: (903)654-4874
Fax : (903) 654-4892

The Parks and Recreation Department's goal is to provide the community with a diversified program to meet the recreational, educational, and leisure needs of the citizens. A blend of pleasing landscapes, open spaces, parks and recreation facilities for both passive and active interests are available. Whether you prefer music or mime, dance or drama, the Corsicana Parks and Recreation department has something for you. Look forward to annual special events... Spring brings the Derrick Days celebration ... Winter brings the Festival of Lights and famous "Dancing Trees. "Outdoor concerts and Children's Theatre Production at the Fullerton-Garitty Amphitheater provide the perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy musical performing talents.

Warming summer days herald many youth leisure activities of tennis, Summer Outdoor Adventure Recreations Programs, league sports, arts and crafts and swimming.

Corsicana Parks and Recreation Board
The Corsicana Parks & Recreation Board consists of 5 Board members appointed by the Mayor. They have two-year terms. The Chairperson is Terry Seth and the members are Kay Hable, Judith Steely, Babbette Samuels and Elbert Turner.




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